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Ecomax provides bespoke remapping services that are designed to work with your specific vehicle in Nottingham. Individually customised for your engine, our remaps are popular throughout Nottingham and the local area for their low price and reliability. Each of our remapping experts has a passion for cars and we are proud to deliver the best quality remaps in the industry. It takes real expertise to remap a vehicle and with Ecomax you can be sure that your map writer will specialise in your particular vehicle. We accept nothing less than perfection, going above and beyond customer expectations to provide the optimal performance for their vehicle. As a proven company with a solid reputation, we guarantee projected gains will be as quoted and to ensure everything is to your liking, we’ll take you out on a test drive and if you believe there is still room for improvement, our team will make any adjustments right away free of charge.

Reliable remapping specialists with clients from Nottingham and beyond

Those looking for a quality remap in Nottingham are in safe hands with Ecomax as we offer active after-care and support to all customers. For added peace of mind, the remap software has a lifetime warranty and there is a 14 day money back guarantee. We want the best for your car, as we know you do too, and the remapping service we provide is sure to re-ignite your passion for driving and puts the fun back into the experience. We have been remapping cars and vans from Nottingham for 5 years, with performance and economy options that suit everyone’s needs, so whether you are looking to unlock your vehicle’s potential or improve fuel economy, just get in touch. Remap extras include launch control, hardcut limiter, speed limiter removal, DPF software delete, EGR software delete and exhaust pop & bang overrun.

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