Pop and Bang Map

Ecomax has been providing pop and bang map services for over 5 years and we settle for nothing less than perfection when it comes to our remaps. This kind of map goes by many names including deceleration map and crackle map but whatever you know it as, we can deliver the same outstanding results. It is vitally important that any ECU adjustments are left to the experts, as the process needs to be properly managed from start to finish. Our team’s number one priority is safety and we pride ourselves on attention to detail, perfectly calibrating your ECU and making the right adjustments to leave you 100% satisfied.

Customers love the sound their vehicles produce as a result of our pop and bang maps, enjoying the fact that they turn heads and they find that the addition of these crackles and burbles makes driving even more thrilling. Following a remap, your exhaust will make the requested popping and banging sounds when shifting gears or letting off the throttle pedal after hard acceleration. No longer exclusively for performance cars, pop and bang tuning is now available on most cars ad simply by having the tuning file installed you can enhance your car’s character. One feature of a pop and bang map is that it makes deceleration sound even better than acceleration. With this modification your car is transformed and you will find that sound’s intensity will change depending on the exhaust temperature.

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A pop and bang map is an all-day service and the remaps we write and install will be individually customised to your car and your engine. As a team we are dedicated to vehicles and their performance, demonstrating real expertise and an unbeatable level of after-care.

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