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Remapping has been our speciality since we were established in 2015 and over the years we have tuned all types of vehicles for customers in Huntingdon. We go above and beyond customers’ expectations, with safety and quality being our priorities when it comes to remaps. Our team of expert map writers work on everyday vehicles, high-end cars, and everything in between. We are proud to deliver the best quality remaps in the industry and unlock your vehicle’s true potential for a great price. It takes real expertise to carry out a remapping service that increases performance and economy whilst ensuring projected gains are as quoted. Every remap is individually customised to your car and your engine, with map tweaks being carried out if requested following a test run; these adjustments are free of charge and completed swiftly to help you get back on the road as soon as possible. A custom remap by ecoMax’s specialists protects your engine and as there is a lifetime warranty on remap software as standard, your vehicle is in safe, reliable hands.

Put the fun back into driving with our tailored remapping service in Huntingdon

We are dedicated to providing customers with professional remapping services that reignite their passion for driving, accepting nothing less than perfection. Our level of after-care is unparalleled and ecoMax is a proven company with a solid reputation. There are many services available including DPF removal, exhaust pops, carbon cleaning, fuel treatment and dyno. We are all petrol heads here and we’re proud to be part of the car community – we understand how much our customers care about their cars so we offer valuable support and advice. We add that value that you deserve from a remap!

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