Dyno Remaps & Dyno/Power Runs Peterborough (2wd & 4wd)

Using the latest bespoke technology ‘Insoric’ we offer dyno/power runs and before/after remap printouts. Insoric is a mobile road dyno system which has been proven to be 100% accurate and on par with a dyno meter. We have conducted our own independent tests (see below examples) to confirm the accuracy of our bespoke software when put to the test.

Quattro Dyno & Power Runs by the experts at Ecomax in Peterborough

Our mobile device simply secures to the wheel of your vehicle and we perform the power runs in real life conditions on the road. We have the added advantage of supporting 2wd power runs but also 4wd vehicles, there is also no power limit from small to big power figures.

Our dyno runs are carried out in a safe location, we use third gear for the power runs and we conduct four runs for a fair test. We are fully insured with our trade insurance policy to drive your vehicle. The power runs on average take 30 minutes to complete. See below just a few examples of our independent tests against top of the range dyno meters.

How much does Dyno Remapping cost?

We charge £50 for power runs or £70 for a before and after printout of gains with a remap.

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