Performance/Economy Tuning Remaps Essex

Customers come to Ecomax from all over Essex for performance/economy tuning remaps because of our fantastic low prices and unbeatable quality. Our experienced team will write and install a bespoke remap that is tailored your specific vehicle and engine. With our tuning service, you will finally discover what your car or van is truly capable of. We are proud to provide the industry’s best remaps, which guarantee a 5 star service and smiles all round!

Affordable custom tuning remaps for customers in Essex with pre-approved finance available

Performance tuning remaps

Using our fast, reliable and safe tuning service, your vehicle’s engine is given more power and performance, making it more enjoyable to drive your vehicle. Unlike some companies that only adjust up to 10 maps, Ecomax will take your vehicle to another level with a change of up to 70 maps.

Economy tuning remaps

Save money as you drive with one of our economy remaps, available for all personal and commercial diesel cars and vans. This service soon ends up paying for itself since you’ll be saving up to 20% on fuel and we offer a money back guarantee if you don’t find yourself saving any money within 30 days (which we’re confident won’t be the case).

There are many benefits to tuning your vehicle such as emission reductions, torque improvements, smooth power delivery and the fact that everything can be reverted back to stock if required. As well as the standard services we offer, there are optional extras to enhance your vehicle such as launch control, hardcut limiter, speed limiter removal, DPF/EGR software delete and exhaust pop and bang overrun.

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