Custom Car & Van Engine Remapping Lincolnshire

Ecomax is providing quality custom car and van engine remapping in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas. We have been an established business for many years, helping hundreds of customers in Lincolnshire with their custom engine remaps.

We can provide a range of different services such as carbon cleaning, performance tuning, economy tuning, DPF removal and DPF cleaning. Our remaps come with a 14-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Why choose us for your vehicles remap in Lincolnshire

There is no better place to receive your custom car or van engine remaps, we’ll have the remap installed in no time. Receiving a remap from us will improve your vehicle’s overall performance. Stage 1 and 2 remaps will provide you with a lot of power, typically around 30% extra power from standard and diesel vehicles can benefit from our economy remaps. The diesel economy remap will provide a 10-20% improvement economically and increase your power by about 15-20%. Once the remap has been completed, we will take you out for a test drive to show you the difference the remap has done.

Our team has the knowledge and skills to provide the best car and van engine remaps to clients in Lincolnshire. Whether you require a stage 1 or 2 remap we’ll be able to deliver the perfect service. We give customers the opportunity to purchase our services through a 0% guaranteed acceptance finance plan. The price is split into 4 equal monthly payments providing customers a more flexible way of paying for their remaps.

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