DPF removal – For Performance

For the majority of clients a Stage 1 Remap will satisfy the need for extra performance and smiles, however for those wanting to get the very best power gains from their vehicle DPF removal is required. This significantly drops back pressure and allows us to run a stronger remap safely.

DPF Removal – Fixing Faults

By removing the DPF and having a DPF software delete 99% of the time this will resolve any DPF issues. The majority of our customers use DPF removal to fix DPF faults for peace of mind of a guaranteed fix. However if you would prefer to keep the DPF then see our DPF cleaning article.

DPF Removal Pricing

The price for the DPF removal process varies slightly depending on the labour time to drop down the DPF canister. As a guide the average vehicle will cost £469 for the complete process which includes the physical removal of the DPF filter and engine ecu remap to re-calibrate the engine management system.
We are able to offer a DPF solution on Taxis (
London Taxis International, TX4).
With all our services we provide a lifetime guarantee and we have a pay monthly scheme available. 
Optional tune for economy or power can be included for a small extra fee, contact us to discuss.

Key facts to understand regarding DPF removal:

Once removed it is illegal to drive your vehicle on the road, your vehicle could fail its mot. Our mechanics remove the internal filter inside the DPF canister. Once removed they weld the DPF canister back up leaving the DPF canister in place. 

Removing it in this way means it will pass the visual inspection for the MOT since the DPF canister is present. Providing your vehicles engine is running efficiently it will pass an MOT. 

We always recommend leaving your catalytic converter in place as this plays the main role in controlling the emissions. We can say from experience that our clients vehicles pass a normal emissions test on an MOT. 

If you have any questions regarding our services or want some advice please feel free to contact your local experts today – we have customers throughout Peterborough, CambridgeshireLincolnshire and the surrounding areas.

“After having my X3 06 reg. in limp mode for nearly a week due to the DPF filter being blocked I was recommended to do a remap, I had come across ecoMax and was happy with their reviews. When I got there I was well served and fully explained about all my options, I decided to go for the dpf removal and remap option that was altogether cheaper than repairing or replacing my DPF. Also I took advantage of the pay monthly scheme, the dpf removal and remap was all arranged for me and I must say that now that the job is done I’ve never had so much power as well as response from the car not even from the day I bought it, it’s just amazing. The car feels like it has an extra turbo plus it gives nearly 100 miles extra on a full tank, I will recommend it to any diesel owner and would of left a 6 stars rating if it was possible, thankyou very much for making me a very happy customer!” – Miguel, BMW x3 2.0d

Common fault codes found when diagnosing with a diagnostics scanner, DF297 P0284 P0420 P047B P11DC P1453 P1490 P2002 P200C P2033 P2080 P2084 P2090 P229F P2425 P2426 P242F P244A P244B P2453 P2454 P2456 P2457 P2458 P2459 P2463 P246B P246C P24A4 P24C2 P2BAC P426C.

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