Engine Carbon Cleaning Peterborough

Engine Carbon Cleaning Peterborough from EcoMax Tuning; drive even further benefits to your vehicle!

Not only do we boost your vehicle’s power and economy via remapping, we can also restore those lost pennies from under the bonnet of your car or van!

We offer both Stage 1 & Stage 2 Carbon Cleaning Services for customers in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas. So, what are the benefits?

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Stage 1 Carbon Clean

A vehicle that has had the ecoMax Engine Carbon Cleaning service benefits from:

  • Restored Power

  • Improved Throttle Response

  • Smoother Power Delivery

  • Quieter Engine

  • Improved Economy

  • A Healthier Engine Overall

These benefits combined result in a more performant vehicle which saves money in the long term by keeping the petrol or diesel engine healthy.

Stage 2 Carbon Clean

A Stage 2 Clean includes fuel treatment alongside your engine carbon clean.

We highly recommend treating your fuel system alongside a carbon clean. Our fuel system cleaner is poured into your fuel tank and cleans through the complete fuel system, including the fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel rail line and, crucially, the injectors.

Why is this important? Injectors nozzles can become blocked – this both affects the spray pattern and reduces the amount of fuel that can be injected. The result of fuel treatment? More efficiency, more power and more economy.

Why does an engine need cleaning?

Engines build up carbon deposits from uncombusted fuel. The uncombusted fuel then sticks inside the engine, which affects the combustion chamber, valve stems, EGR, exhaust manifold and turbo.

Of course, these carbon deposits all reduce the performance you enjoyed when your engine was new. Indications that an engine require cleaning include: your vehicle starting to smoke more, rough starting or a loss in engine power. All vehicles are subject to carbon build up and ultimately will run less efficiently because of this – so those vehicles with 40,000 miles on the clock will notice a significant benefit from our carbon cleaning service.

How does a carbon clean work?

In just a 30 minute process, our specialist engine carbon cleaning machine injects a precise amount of hydrogen gas into the air intake of the engine. The gas is constantly fed into the engine when running throughout the cleaning process; the hydrogen gas reacts with any carbon build up in the engine, dissolving it into a gas to leave via the exhaust.

Our range of customers who have undergone this treatment have reported that the engine note changes, sounding quieter and smoother. Equally, our feedback has reported an improvement in the overall power and responsiveness of the engine – which importantly improves fuel economy, too!

Our engine carbon cleaning service is suitable for any vehicle, irrespective of engine size or if the engine is petrol or diesel. For the long term benefit of your engine, this process of carbon removal also prevents potential future issues, such as sticking turbo vanes and blocked EGR Valves.

Carbon cleaning drives performance, economy and is advised alongside your remap to maximise the benefits. Sound good? You can enjoy a discounted price by booking your remap and carbon clean together – click here to see our prices.

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