Engine Carbon Cleaning (Stage 1 & 2) Cambridgeshire

ecoMax Tuning offers both stage 1 & stage 2 engine carbon cleaning services to drivers in Cambridgeshire. The result of cleaning the engine is more power and better economy, as well as many other benefits including:

• Boost in performance
• A healthier, quieter and cleaner running engine
• Cleaner EGR and turbo
• Improved throttle response
• Smoother power delivery

Has your vehicle done more than 40,000 miles? Is it starting to smoke a lot and lose power?

If you answered ‘yes’, then carbon cleaning is the answer!

Discover the benefits of engine carbon cleaning and fuel treatment with ecoMax Tuning

We will help you restore lost power and economy by carrying out a full carbon clean and fuel treatment service. All engines suffer from a build-up of carbon deposits, caused by uncombusted fuel which sticks inside and affects the combustion chamber, valve stems, EGR, exhaust manifold and turbo. This leads to loss of efficiency but this can be reversed quickly and simply by our team of specialists, as the whole process only takes around half an hour. Once complete, we are confident you will notice your vehicle is more responsive, no matter the size of the engine or whether it is petrol or diesel. Cleaning also has long term benefits since it prevents sticking turbo vanes and blocked EGR Valves.

To maximise performance and economy, why not combine your carbon clean with a remap for a discounted price? We have years of experience tuning cars and vans to help customers save money and get the best out of their vehicle with our custom remap writing and installation service. Get a friend to bring their vehicle along for a remap too and you could save even more with our multi-vehicle discount.

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