DPF Removal is required for stage 1.5 or stage 2 remaps, the main principle of gaining power is increased fuelling. As fuelling levels rise the amount of soot created increases, a DPF can only handle so much soot. Stage 1 remaps are designed to keep the soot levels within the tolerances of what a healthy dpf can handle. Anything past this is beyond the tolerances and would start to block up the DPF. Purely for this reason removal is required.

Note: Once removed it is illegal to drive your vehicle on the road, your vehicle could fail its mot. Our mechanics remove the internal filter inside the DPF canister. Once removed they weld the DPF canister back up leaving the DPF canister in place. Removing it in this way means it will pass the visual inspection for the MOT since the DPF canister is present. However there is potential for the vehicle to fail on the emissions test.