Petrol Particulate Filter Removal

Ecomax is the leading provider of petrol particulate filter (PPF) removals in the local area. The PPF is a device fitted to the exhaust system of petrol vehicles to reduce the emissions they produce. The filter works by trapping soot from the gasses whilst letting the gas flow through the exhaust system.

Removing your PPF will provide you with many benefits. Your vehicle’s exhaust flow will increase, providing you with higher performance. The sound of your vehicle will improve and it will also prevent issues with the filter becoming blocked.

Why choose us to remove your petrol particulate filter?

The PPF needs to be cleaned regularly to function properly, this happens automatically whilst driving your vehicle. However, if it isn’t functioning properly the soot can build up and cause a blockage which can be very costly. Here at Ecomax we have years of experience in providing PPF and DPF removals, our team will ensure you are given a high quality service for an unmatched price.

You can either choose to pay outright or through a finance plan. Split the price over 4 equal monthly payments at a 0% APR. Once the PPF is removed, you will need to have a remap, this will remove any warning lights that might show and stop your vehicle from cleaning the PPF.

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Once removed it is illegal to drive your vehicle on the road, your vehicle could fail its mot. Our mechanics remove the internal filter inside the DPF canister. Once removed they weld the DPF canister back up leaving the DPF canister in place. Removing it in this way means it will pass the visual inspection for the MOT since the DPF canister is present. However there is potential for the vehicle to fail on the emissions test.

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