P2463 Fault Code

Ecomax is the leading provider of diagnostics and repairs of vehicle fault codes such as the P2463 fault code which is caused by soot accumulation in the DPF system. It is important to make sure that if you are having problems with your DPF they are fixed as soon as possible. 

Common symptoms of P2463 include:

  • Black smoke from the tailpipe
  • High engine temperature
  • Vehicle entering limp mode until the fault has been fixed
  • Fuel consumption increased drastically
  • Loss of vehicle performance

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There are several issues that could have caused this:

  • Build up of soot due to an issue with the DPF regeneration
  • Lack of diesel exhaust fluid
  • Damaged, burnt, short or disconnected wiring and connectors
  • Failed PCM or a programming error
  • Check engine warning light on
  • Defective diesel particulate filter sensor

Here at Ecomax we provide a range of different services such as DPF cleaning, removal, remapping and much more. Our services can all be purchased through our finance plan – split the payments evenly over four months interest free.

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