Carbon Cleaning

A more performant vehicle, saving money in the long term

Engine Carbon Cleaning Peterborough from EcoMax Tuning. Ecomax also offers Engine Carbon Cleaning to drive even further benefits to your vehicle. Not only do we boost your vehicle’s power and economy via remapping, we can also restore those lost pennies from under the bonnet!

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Stage 1

Up to 35% More Torque and Power

35% more power means more performance and power when you need it, greater torque across the entire rev range and sharper, quicker throttle response.

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Stage 2

For those who want to push the max out of their vehicles performance.

A performance remap provides a big increase to the performance of a vehicle, and this is what the majority of our customers choose. However, for those wanting to max out their engine’s performance, or those who have heavily modified vehicles, Stage 2 Tuning is their best approach.

For a stage 2 remap we recommend your vehicle has a free flowing exhaust, upgraded front mount intercooler and a performance induction system.

Stage 2 Packages

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Up to 20% More Torque and Power

Saving you up to 20% savings on cost of fuel, up to 20% reduction on emissions, enhanced sharper throttle response and from 50 to 100 miles extra per tank of fuel.

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DPF Removal

Resolves 99% of DPF Issues

DPF Removal is required for stage 1.5 or stage 2 remaps, the main principle of gaining power is increased fuelling. As fuelling levels rise the amount of soot created increases, a DPF can only handle so much soot. Stage 1 remaps are designed to keep the soot levels within the tolerances of what a healthy dpf can handle.

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DPF Cleaning

Once the DPF is 40% full, a DPF clean will be required

We flush the DPF filter with two specialist chemicals that are designed to remove soot. We then add a fuel additive to aid with the DPF regeneration and emissions.

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