N57 Remap

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The BMW N57 engine found in the 35d & 40d platform is becoming a very popular choice for those that are hungry for performance whilst returning good miles per gallon. In their stock form, the 3.0d twin turbo engine kicks out 313bhp & 630nm which certainly is not to be looked down on! However here at ecomax we specialise in unlocking all the untapped potential power in these engines safely!

We have tuned many of these stage 1 & 2 and have always achieved amazing results whilst maintaining the fuel consumption and most importantly the engine reliability.

We even had the pleasure of representing our client’s vehicle on Ricky’s channel Living Life Fast!

Our packages:

Both of these remaps bring a really good improvement in the power of the vehicle and general drivability, with no modifications required to the vehicle. Both options are safe and within tolerances of the vehicle, so most clients opt for the Stage 1.5 option.

This power upgrade includes:

– Improved throttle response

– Strong increase in power across the whole rev range

– Improved MPG

Stage 1 363bhp 710nm £249

Stage 1+ 373bhp 750nm £299

Optional road dyno printout of before & after results £70

For those that want the maximum performance from their vehicle without the expense of the uprated intercooler. To achieve these figures safely, DPF removal is required which is inclusive with our packages below.

Stage 2 390bhp 770nm, mods required DPF removal, the stock intercooler is sufficient for this power for street use.

Price includes:

– Ecu remap

– DPF delete (removal of your exhaust system and gutting of the DPF filter)

– Before & After Road Dyno Printout

Package price £619.

Optional upgrade to Airtec intercooler total £1252.02

Optional XHP stage 3 gearbox remap total £1501.02

Stage 2+ 420bhp 830nm, mods required DPF removal & uprated intercooler.

Stage 2 + upgrade includes:

– Ecu remap

– DPF delete (removal of your exhaust system and gutting of the DPF filter)

– Before & after road dyno printout

– Airtec intercooler supplied and fitted

Package price £1252.02

Optional XHP stage 3 gearbox remap total £1501.02

  • Vmax – Speed limiter removal
  • Egr software delete – If you opt for the DPF removal process we will automatically switch off the egr system for free.
  • Pay over four payments over four months with our pay monthly scheme, guaranteed acceptance up to £1000, all major high street banks accepted.
  • Pay over six or twelve months with a credit check – contact us to apply.
  • Or for plans over £1000 a credit check is required – contact us to apply.

The pay monthly scheme options are interest free! *please note that only major high street banks are currently accepted, monzo and starling bank are unfortunately not.

Please note results can vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle depending on the health of the engine & components & may also vary depending on conditions on the day of the dyno.

For more information about N57 remaps (Stage 1 & Stage 2) speak to the 435d/335d/640d experts at ecomax!

N57 Remap

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