London Taxi DPF Removal

London Taxis Int

Manufacturer: London Taxis International

Model: TX4 Engine size: 2499cc

Bhp: 101 BHP

Issues; DPF blocked, DPF light on dashboard, Performance loss

We are now able to offer a DPF solution on the model above, this is a complete drive in and drive out service including mapping (Economy Map or Eco/Performance Map) and DPF solution.

Package cost: £350 + vat

Related fault codes, p2453, p2454, p0544

Your one stop shop for taxi DPF and remapping solutions

We have been providing taxi drivers with high-quality services since 2015, providing the optimal performance for their vehicles. The expertise of our specialist team is second to none and everything is tailored to your exact requirements. For incredible results and unbeatable aftercare, get in touch with our experts and arrange DPF removal with us – we accept nothing less than perfection!

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London Taxi DPF Removal

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