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Perfect for petrol heads, for people who love their car and love power or wish to save fuel!

Our gift cards are available on our pay monthly scheme, pay over four easy payments over four months. No credit checks, guaranteed acceptance.

To purchase a gift card please simply contact us, once purchased we will post the gift voucher to you. They are credit card in size, a perfect fit for wallets.

For the lucky person that receives the gift all they need to do is contact us to book in!

Three types of gift cards available and prices,

  • ECU Remap (More Power and Economy) – £299

  • Engine Carbon Clean (Restore Lost Power and Economy) – £60

  • Gift Card (You choose the amount to gift)

What is remapping?

It’s a form of engine tuning but electronic, we change data on the brain of your vehicles (ECU). This takes usually just one hour to do and safely boosts power up to 40% and fuel economy up to 20%.

What is engine carbon cleaning?

Its a internal clean for the engine, we inject a specialist gas into the engine whilst its running which burns off any carbon deposits. This helps to restore performance and economy, available for all engines petrol or diesel.

Why choose us?

We are committed to our customers and are passionate about what we do, we are proud to have over 180 five star reviews. Check them out on our website and Facebook and see how much our customers love us & our services!


  • Gift vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of the purchase date.

  • The voucher can not be exchanged for cash.

  • No refunds will be given once the gift voucher has been issued.

  • We are not mobile, the recipient will need to come to us in Peterborough.

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