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What is an EGR valve system and what does it do?

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) valve system takes the used exhaust’s gas leaving the combustion chamber and allows it back into the intake system to be re-combusted to lower emissions.

One of the many cons of this system is the exhaust gases entering back into the engine contain carbon and soot so that, overtime, a layer of carbon builds up in the intake system. This decreases the efficiency of the engine, reducing performance and economy.

Secondly, the build-up of carbon often will seize the EGR valve, resulting in warnings on the dashboard, limp mode and running issues, such as rough running, excessive smoking and potential performance issues.

And the final common defect, as with any electrical component of an engine, is they can fail also causing limp mode and warnings on dashboard.

What is involved in an EGR valve Removal/Delete?

99% of EGR system faults can be fixed with an engine ECU remap; we can re-calibrate the engine’s ECU software to permanently switch off the system. This specialist solution we provide tells the EGR valve to close and therefore all the exhaust gases will not be able to re-enter the intake system and simply leave via the exhaust. All warnings on the dashboard relating to the EGR fault will be removed and performance will be restored.

Will my vehicle pass an MOT?

We can say from experience that switching off an EGR system will not cause your vehicle to fail an MOT, providing it is running efficiently. We can say this with great confidence as we help clients daily with this issue and they all pass a normal MOT.

What is the cost of EGR deletion?

We charge £249 including VAT for our solution and, as with all our services, we provide a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind and a pay monthly scheme is available.

Optional tuning for economy or power can be included for a small extra fee, contact us to discuss.

We also offer engine carbon cleaning for £50 – we would highly recommend this when having the EGR system switched off, to clean the carbon build-up caused by the system.

Common fault codes found when diagnosing on diagnostics are P0400 P0401 P0402 P0403 P0404 P0405 P0406 P0407 P0408 P0409 P042E P042F P045D P046C P0489 P0490 P140A P140D P1412 P1461 P2454 P2455 P257E and P2BAC.

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