DSG Gearbox Tuning Remaps for Vags

DSG Tuning For Vags

At ecoMax we offer DSG remaps for all Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi.

What is a DSG?

DSG stands for Direct Shift Gearbox, this is an automatic gearbox with dual clutches found in the latest vehicles listed above. However, there is room for improvement which is where we come in!

The benefits of DSG tuning are:

Improved shift speeds by up to 20%:
Up shifts and downshift times are reduced which equals faster acceleration for when you need it!
Improved responsiveness and a smoother transition through the gears.

Torque limiter adjustment:
In the computer management system of your DSG there are torque limiters – whilst your engine may have the potential to make more torque, the DSG restricts this. With a DSG remap we can raise the torque limiter so you can use the full torque from your engine.

RPM Limiters and Shift points:
We can customise the rpm limiters and shift points according to the mode you are driving in (Drive or Sports mode). This is especially helpful for vehicles that have the potential to accelerate faster by using the full rev range to its advantage.

Launch Control:
For the perfect launch and the best 0-60 times this is key! (And may we add very fun!). To activate launch control, you simply select sport mode, switch off traction control and hold the break and accelerator. The revs will build and when ready just let off the break and achieve the perfect launch.

True Manual Mode:
For those that want to be fully in control, we can disable the auto change up in manual mode and disable the auto kick down. This is especially helpful for those who wish to rev their engines that bit higher than the stock settings. And if you have opted to have an engine ecu remap with hardcut limiter then you can hold the vehicle bouncing on the hardcut limiter.

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Price: £249-£349

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