Pay Monthly Scheme

Available to all customers, no credit checks so guaranteed acceptance and interest free. 

We set you up on the scheme on the day of the service and the first payment out of four is taken. 

Easy, simple and affordable!

Is it time to treat yourself to a remap? Why wait?

*£150 minimum spend required



2 free engine carbon cleans when you book two vehicles in!

Get a free engine carbon clean each when you have two vehicles remapped at the same time! ​Thats a £100 giveway. 


Stage 1

A stage 1 remap requires no modifications to your vehicle, it brings a really nice improvement from the standard power and reduced turbo lag.

This is our most popular remap, the extra power we request is not pushing the engine or turbo to the max capacity. Typically your vehicle will gain around 30% extra power from standard with this remap.

Typical example: BMW 118d 140bhp/300nm torque. Stage 1 remap: 180bhp/370nm torque.

PRICE: £299

Pay monthly scheme: Four payments of £74.75

With optional engine carbon clean: £87.25

Book in two cars and save £100!

2 remaps £498* combined £100 saving when you have two vehicles remapped at the same time! 

Pay monthly scheme, four payments of £62.25 each. 

*Applies to stage 1 remaps only without dyno. 

Engine Carbon cleans now only £40!

Save £20 on an engine carbon clean when you book in this month. 


Stage 2

This is for customers who wish to gain the max potential power from their vehicle. A stage 2 remap is still within the tolerances of the engine and turbo. This is another 10-20% above a stage 1.5.

Example: BMW 118d 140bhp/300nm torque. Stage 2 remap: 210bhp/420nm torque.

PRICE: £349-399

Available for some petrol’s (minimum mods required, exhaust decat, air filter upgrade & upgraded intercooler for turbo vehicles).

Available for all diesels (minimum mods required, DPF removal, air filter upgrade & occasionally intercooler upgrade).


Economy Remap

Available for diesel vehicles only.

A vehicle that has benefited from a economy remap can expect to anywhere between 10-20% improvement. Also power gains from standard too, around 15-20% increase.

Typical example: BMW 118d 140bhp/300nm torque. Economy remap: 165bhp/345nm torque.

We recommend this remap to those who’s priority is to save fuel rather than boosting performance.

Price £299

Pay monthly scheme: Four payments of £81.69.

With optional engine carbon clean: £95.35.


Economy/Power Combined

Available for diesels.

If you definitely want to improve your vehicles fuel economy however wish to feel a nice increase in power then this is the remap for you.

Example: BMW 118d 140bhp/300nm torque. Economy/power remap: 170bhp/355nm torque. Fuel savings up to 10% increase.

PRICE: £349

Pay monthly scheme: Four payments of £95.35

With optional engine carbon clean: £109.01


Optional Dyno On Request

Available for 2wd vehicles only:

Benefits of choosing a dyno with a remap:

  • Print out of the stock power with proof of the remap gains


  • Dyno work can take up to 4 hours to complete

  • Dyno is £60 extra

We find most customers are happy with the remap and test drive,


  • Faster process (generally 1hr30)

  • Price

  • Power gains will be evident by means of a test drive


  • No proof of power gained (only way to show the power gained is by having a dyno) 


Engine Carbon Cleaning

Engine carbon cleaning is all about restoring lost power and economy from the engine. We recommend having this done when a vehicle has 40,000 or more miles on the clock.

Carbon cleaning benefits:

  • Restored performance and economy, customers see a boost in performance just from a carbon clean.

  • A cleaner running engine, if your car smokes a lot then its due a clean!

  • Cleaner egr, turbo and engine

  • Quieter running

Price: Was £60, this month £40!

To read more about engine carbon cleaning click here


DPF Delete/Physical Removal (Diesel only)

See our DPF removal page for more information about what a DPF is and the pro’s and cons of removing this.

Main reasons for removal:

DPF faulty and blocking up, causing engine management lights and potential limp mode.

Or you would like more power than a Stage 1 remap.

Price with remap of your choice, DPF software delete, dyno and physical removal: £479*

Pay monthly scheme: Four payments of £130.87.

With optional engine carbon clean via payment scheme: £144.53​.

*Price may be higher for the odd rare vehicle depending on the labour time involved to remove the DPF physically.

(DPF’s are fitted to most diesel engines past 2005).

*Remap options, economy, eco/power and stage 1


DPF Cleaning – Three Stage DPF Clean

For faulty or blocked diesel particulate filters, for more information see our dpf cleaning article.

  • 3 Stage DPF clean

  • Full engine diagnostics to check the health of the vehicle

  • Before and after analytics of the DPF data

  • Boost leak test on the engine and dpf pressure pipes

  • Helpful and friendly advice

Price: £200.

Pay monthly scheme: Four payments of £54.64.

With optional engine carbon clean: £68.30.


Remap Extras

Optional remap extras, included for free:

  • Launch control
  • Hardcut limiter
  • Speed limiter removal
  • DPF software delete
  • Egr software delete

Charged remap extras (petrols only):

Exhaust pops £30

Exhaust pop and bang over run £30-120 

Other information

We accept payment by Cash, Credit card, Paypal or cheque.

Pay monthly scheme is debit card only.

Please note we only accept payments in GBP currency.

We may charge more for the odd vehicle depending on the amount of time it will take to remap the vehicle even tho 99% of vehicles can be done for the above price.

All prices include VAT.
VAT number: 273845964