AdBlue Remap

Our experts are trained in AdBlue remap services, including deleting/disabling the system using the latest specialist equipment and techniques. Depending on your vehicle, we will need to reprogram its engine management system or hardwire an electronic unit into it. Whichever method is used to complete the process, you can trust that our tuning team work to the highest possible standards. Attention to detail and extensive knowledge of engines, exhausts and all areas of automotive modifications makes us your number one choice for an AdBlue remap.

AdBlue remap specialists with years of experience

Rather than manually removing the AdBlue system, Ecomax will instead reprogram the engine ECU, which saves both time and money. Removal of the AdBlue system is something track car owners are doing more often in recent years as this is just one item that, once removed, makes a big difference to the vehicle. Our AdBlue ECU remapping service is often applied to trucks that are to operate in a market where AdBlue is not available or required. Following the removal of the system, you no longer need to buy or refill the expensive AdBlue fluid and the remap does not affect your dashboard’s error lights.

Ecomax tuning has been remapping vehicles since 2015 and our team of petrol heads settle for nothing less than perfection. Our passion for remaps, AdBlue and otherwise, shines through in our excellent customer service. By having multiple map writers, you can be sure that your vehicle is being worked on by a specialist and the gains we quote will match the end result. Our AdBlue remaps are competitively priced, so whether you are bringing an everyday vehicle or high-end supercar to us, we will get you a great deal and deliver a service that is second to none.

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